My homemade seafood paella

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I have tasted seafood paella in many restaurant and most seem to lean towards the decorative side with huge prawns which are messy to eat, mussels in their shells, tiny prawns, squid with rice of course. Seafood paella isn't usually cheap either.

However, all is not lost. You can easily make paella at home and with minimal fuss too. Ingredients can vary according to taste but I go with the following:

1 packet of frozen seafood mix

Some sort grain paella rice

Fish stock


Peppers (Capsicum in other countries)


Oyster mushrooms

Fresh coriander



Fresh tomatoes

Fresh limes

To make it, it's quite simple. Roughly chop up the veg and boil the kettle to make the fish stock. Get a wok and put it on a low heat to warm up. Place all the veg and lightly fry until a little crispy and them pour in the fish stock. Add in the frozen seafood mix and bring to the boil. Pour in the rice (yes, in the wok!) and simmer until the rice has expanded and taken in the fish stock. Squeeze fresh lime and add in the coriander to taste as well as the salt and pepper.
Before rice
Paella2With rice
Paella3On the plate!
I don't really tend to follow exact measures as I like the random results it brings. After all, if you don't experiment, you'll end up eating the same things all the time.

If you do manage to try this, let me know how you got on.

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