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After experiencing a Gordon Ramsay restaurant many years ago, I looked at Jamie's Restaurant with disdain thinking it would be another overpriced and underwhelming experience but after I looked at the menu I thought it was worth a go.

This write up is on Jamie's Italian in Reading which is situated overlooking the River Kennet however, don't let the promise of great views entice you, there's plenty to look at once inside the restaurant. The layout is open and the staff are jovial - apart from one surly girl. If you get seated by an American chap with tattoo's, you're in for a great time!

First off, there's a bar which is equipped to cater for every cocktail need. I would avoid anything with gin as they insist on using Beefeater which I find rather tasteless but there's a wonderful selection of wines in which I will indulge next time.

The starters was Bruchetta and I went for the Crispy Squid (pictured). This is just light enough to

whet your appetite and leaves you wanting more. Just perfect.  Next up was the mains, which was the Italian Steak Frites and the Lamb Chops Scottaditto and again, food envy was happening. The lamb chops looked stunning! It is well renowned that you do eat with your eyes and still hold true. Just look at it!
Jamie's 1
The steak frites was as you expect however, the steak you get is enormous! The chips aren't what you quite expect though. I feel there's too much experimentation with the skins on and too many herbs, what I wanted was good old fashioned fries!
Jamie's 2
All in all, it is recommended that you do try it at least once. I feel you will be pleasantly surprised. Also there, and this is what a lot of restaurants neglect, is good music. Jamie's play upbeat classics such as Coldplay, U2, Moby The Stone Roses, and the like which makes a refreshing change from nothing.

We went a second time for burgers - avoid. The burgers are too dry but we will return to sample other delights on offer.

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