Waitrose Lemon & Ginger tea

by - 11:07

This may be a little odd reviewing tea but so many posts are about foods and meals in/out that I feel it is time to try something different. What is consistent at this time of the year is the healthy lifestyle that the vast majority of the population seems to be adopting.
Admittedly, this will be a very short post as there is very little you can write about tea but I was on the hunt for a different 'cuppa' as I have grown tired of the 'builders brew' at work plus I don't drink coffee. So, without any further delay, here's Waitrose lemon & ginger tea.

The front of the packet claims 'Refreshing and Zesty' and it is. It's lovely. I do like lemon and ginger and they both compliment each other beautifully. What's more, Waitrose home brand is significantly cheaper than the higher class tea companies such as Tea Pigs. Well worth a try.

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