Opal – Our new pomme

by - 07:47

A while back we visited the BBC food and wine show in Olympia and a great time was had. So much to eat and drink that there is absolutely no need to set aside time for lunch. Most stalls offered something however, there was a few which really grabbed our attention. One was Lindt with all it’s different ranges of chocolate and the other was Opal, a homegrown blended apple with a difference.

These apples are crunch like a Braeburn or a Cox but has a sweet, tangy flavour and my word were they lovely! Unfortunately they weren’t selling them they only had enough for promotion only but we were assured they will be in Waitrose in the near future.

It was also good to see that Opal is trying it’s hand at making other products such as this smooth apple juice and perhaps cider in the future, who knows!

As of now, they aren’t available to sell but visit their site to keep up with the latest news and information.
We can’t wait!

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