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After a trip to the National Science Museum where it didn't really feature or concentrate on any of the famous scientists (no Newton, Faraday, Bell, Edison, Bohr and only a very very small area dedicated to Einstein) we hopped over to High Street Kensington to go to Balans. An old favourite of mine.

Or so I thought.

You see, Balans has gone through a major re-branding since the last time I visited, and admittedly, it's been a few years. Out went the comfortable sofas, the smart looking interior and in went uncomfortable chairs, smaller tables, and a very random naked tree.

The menu has also changed out of all recognition and we honestly struggled in what to order. Nothing really stood out and it was also priced in the mid to top end.

We eventually went for mushroom croquettes and squid with chorizo and potato. The mushroom croquettes were really nice however, the squid was (I presume) boiled to oblivion as it tasted of nothing. The chorizo was well, chorizo and the potato was errr, potato. That starter was pretty bland.

We both went for the duck breast for the main which came with carrot puree, baby carrots, apple pieces, duck bon bon with a cider sauce. Sounds nice? Well, the duck was not seasoned at all, the cider sauce was far too watery to be of any use and the apple pieces were too sharp. The carrot puree was nice and the bon bons was excellent. 

The cocktails were varied and interesting. I went for the Blueberry Banger and Mrs Mayochup ordered the Baltic Breeze. 

The bill came and it was a little on the pricey side, far too much for what we had but let's chalk that up to experience. All in all, with all the changes to the menu and the refurb, we won't be back. Bring back the old Balans!

Score: 3/10

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