London Chinatown

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We decided to venture to London again last weekend and after a fun time looking at a few shops and messing about in Hamleys, we were in the mood for a Chinese.
Luckily, we weren’t far from Chinatown where there are an abundant of restaurants seemingly offering the same menu from one another so we plumped for London Chinatown.

We were greeted by a surly waitress who gestured towards our table and (almost) threw the menu’s down on the table. It was far from welcoming and, in hindsight, we should have left there and then. But no, we persevered and ordered the set menu. Eventually, our order was taken by a different waitress who had a personal hygiene problem. To put it simply, she stank! Unsurprisingly, her personality was matching.
The food came quickly with no rest bite between the courses, it felt as though they wanted us out of there as quickly as possible. Each time the food came, there was no communication from the waitresses and food was just put on the table regardless who it was for.
The food itself was OK, nothing spectacular, but the service was awful. So awful that I flat out refused to pay the service charge – so I didn’t.
If you fancy going for a Chinese, go to Gerard’s Corner (the restaurant next door). We been there once before and it’s much much better!

Score: 0/10

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