Home Wine Tasting by Pieroth

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I was gifted a home wine experience hosted by Pieroth and, despite the best intentions of Storm Doris the week before, booked it last Friday. As we had guests, we got a vast array of olives, cheeses, crackers, parma ham, pate's to name a few. 
The voucher certainly boasted a great experience and stated the following:

At Pieroth, our mission is to deliver a personal wine tasting of fun, laughter and culture to your home. An unforgettable experience that brings the world of fine wine to your doorstep for you and your friends to enjoy. 

Tastings normally last 90 minutes, with at least 10 selected wines for up to 4 people. An experienced Pieroth representative will guide you and your guests through a journey you'll never forget! From the 'wine novice' to the 'wine buff' we ensure everyone enjoys a fruitful experience.

Sounds great? Well, unfortunately, our host, Jeremy, had about as much charm and wit as a wasp. He turned up at 19:30 as planned and after helping him with the cases to our flat, he started pouring at 19:40 despite our other two guests not having arrived yet. He managed to speed through the white wines before our first guest arrived. We got minimal insights about the wines, a bit about the taste and smell and some food recommendations but nothing about which wine valley or its origins unless asked. 

Our last guest arrived at 20:00 and we had finished all the wines at that point so we went through some of them again which managed to extend the time until 20:15. In that time, we found the main goal of Jeremy's visit who asked three times whether we would like 'a box' which made us feel uncomfortable and a bit put on the spot. The third time of him asking, we just ignored him. So, after 35 minutes of his time, he packed up and left. 

Overall, the experience they stated is correct. This is an experience we will never forget but for the wrong reasons.

Like a wasp, we were quite glad he flew away.

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