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We decided to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon in Stratford attending the Cheese and Wine festival and just before entering the area, we were greeted with campaigners who seem to have some sort of problem with dairy products. Posters were out with pictures of a cow with the caption "This isn't your mum" and "Don't kill a cow to make cheese". To me, this did not make sense as cheese is made from the cows milk rather than it being slaughtered. We were asked whether we would like to give up dairy however, having an ice cream in my hand, I wasn't prepared to at that point. Or ever.

British tuc tuc

The festival wasn't all that big and it seems the cheese stalls can also be found in Borough Market complete with Borough Market prices. We did buy a slice of cheese from The French Comte which is absolutely delicious.

French Comte cheese


French Comte cheeses

It is quite clear which stalls were offering free samples and which ones that weren't. One wine stall even had the cheek to charge £1 per sample!

We went to some other stalls and found another which is selling chocolate wine which tasted incredible. However, at nearly £20 per bottle I thought twice. There were a few charcuterie stalls too.

Overall, the Cheese and Wine festival was quite small and you can see everything within an hour so if you're planning to spend the day there then you'll be disappointed but it's a nice thing to do if you happen to be in the area.

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