Marrakech - Part 2

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Mrs. Mayochup in Marrakech

Starting bright and early after our wholesome French breakfast, we set off on our trip to the Atlas mountains. 

Below is a link to the tour we booked online on Viator:

Our tour guide Karim, arrived at our Riad at around 9:30 am. At the end of the road he had a 4WD waiting for us with driver Hassan. Karim introduced himself as a born and bred Berber which made our trip even more exciting!

We drive off outside the Medina and first stop off at the local Berber market. This market consisted of a vegetable market, meat and fish section, clothes and live goats and sheep for sale too. Karim enlightens us on the Berber way of life. He said that the villagers came down from the mountains to sell vegetables / their herd, buy their daily groceries and meet their friends. They could even buy groceries from the market and have them cooked in giant tagine pots. They only pay for their meal being cooked. I was quiet fascinated by this idea!

Next we stop off for a 30 min camel ride with Jawaad to the left and Aisha on the right which is real fun!

Moroccan camels

Marrakesh is really different outside the Medina. From the busy hustle and bustle of the souq's to the bliss and scenic beauty of the iced caped atlas mountains.

Next we stop at an Argan production house to see how Argan Oil is produced. There are a lot of stages this little green fruit goes through to get the Argan Oil we all desire which I shall show below.

Argan Oil

Moroccan countryside

This green fruit has to be first nibbled by a goat.

Argan fruit

After which you get this!

Digested Argan fruit

This is then deshelled by these fine ladies to get out the Argan kernel as you see below.

Moroccan ladyArgan fruit

Moroccan lady

The oil is then extracted out of these kernels.

Argan extraction

We drove further uphill to a Berber village and stop for some lovely Moroccan tea before heading on our trek.

Moroccan tea

Moroccan tea

We headed on our 2 hour hike up the mountain. The scenery on the way was so beautiful the two hours went by so quick, we didn't even realise it. The view from the top is just fantastic, you will see many water falls along your way up. It just felt so peaceful watching these amazing gushing white waterfalls. 

I remember asking Karim if he would every leave home and he said no, because he is really happy here. Well, I didn't really feel like leaving this natural beauty either!

Snow capped mountains


Atlas mountains

You can hire a mule up the mountain if you don't wish to trek.

Moroccan mule

We stopped at Karim's house for lunch. Lunch was served on the terrace overlooking the Atlas mountains and the valley. For starters we were served a rice salad with tuna, olives and a lentil soup which we assumed was all we had to eat before desert.


 But no, here comes a massive bowl of chicken tagine and veg!

chicken tagine and vegetables

For dessert we got yogurt topped with banana. The yogurt here is very yummy and sweet. The food was delicious! This gave us a feel of a true Berber home :) 

Yoghurt topped with banana

On the way we noticed this shop ''Cheaper than ASDA''

Cheaper than ASDA

Maybe the locals here focus on making people laugh or maybe just the British laugh 😋

Blue is quiet a famous colour here. The men wear a Jalaba. The nomads in the mountains wear a bright blue Jalaba with a black turban and in Marrakech the men wear earthy colour Jalaba. There is a short one for summer and a sheep wool one for winter.

This place is great to visit just before summer with temperatures of 20- 25C, the wind was lovely and crisp. The sky was bright sky blue and lush green grass. This trip was well worth it, and it was great to experience life outside Marrakech.

I am already planning my next hike back here!

This was our guide Karim, he was very knowledgeable and friendly. A superb guide I must say!


You can contact Karim on if you would like to organise a trek to the Atlas mountains. 

After lunch we walked back to the car and head back to the Medina.

Later that evening we wandered towards the square and entered Cafe Kessabine. Most restaurants offer a bowl of olives and bread at the table and they don't even charge for it, Happy days! We then ordered some ice cream and traditional Moroccan sweet called Gabazelle filled with almond paste and looks like a gyoza.

We also played a game of Moroccan Scrabble. If you are wondering what Moroccan Scrabble is, it is just a double word score for every Moroccan word you make.



Nighty Night for now! 'till the next post....

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