Madhi Restaurant

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As a treat, Mrs Mayochup took me to a Persian restaurant where she and a friend had been to before for linner (the time between lunch and dinner). The outside didn't look like much however, once you're inside and sat down, you could almost feel that you are on holiday in Iran.

We didn't have a reservation and I didn't think that would be a problem as, being 4pm, it should be empty. Well, there was more people in there than I expected and after eating, I could see why.

After we ordered, the first thing that came was the freshly brewed Persian tea.

The pot is vibrant and is sat on top of a candle which is a neat idea as it stops the tea from getting cold too quickly.

We didn't get starters as we ordered the mixed grill for two which consisted of one grilled skewer of lamb chops, one grilled skewer of chicken, two grilled skewers of minced meat with tomatoes and two portions of saffron rice with barberries.

The mixed grill for two is big enough for three or four people and the rice was enough for four! The meat on the platter was marinated beautifully and each bite was just heaven. It is one of those dishes you never get tired of eating however, due to its size, we struggled over the finish line.

The bill came and it was much cheaper than we thought and is excellent value for money. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Score: 9/10

Madhi Restaurant
215 - 217 King Street
W6 9JT

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