A wonderful mess at Matsuba

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We decided to return to Matsuba for our wedding anniversary dinner and as it is a very small restaurant holding no more than approx 30 covers, we were wise to book. Several people did turn up expecting to get a table and were turned away disappointed however, they know what to do the next time.

We arrived on time and although we had a reservation, Matsuba did not have our table prepared so there was a little wait before we sat down and this waiting theme continued for the rest of our visit. We were left to wait with the menu's for quite some time before we placed our order and there was enough time for a mini power nap before our starters and sushi arrived. We also noticed that tables who arrived after us were served before us and had a lot more attention from the waiting staff. Could this be that they favoured bigger parties than the 'table for two'? The first time we got any check back on our meal was when we almost finished our mains. Far far too late. But enough of the negatives for now, let's focus on what Matsuba excels and the reason why we returned and that is the sushi and appetisers.

The first to arrive was the Meat Gyoza and as we were so hungry, the plate did not last long. The flavours were well balanced and every mouthful was a joy to eat.

Meat Gyoza at Matsuba
Meat Gyoza
Following in quick succession was the most favourite item of the evening and that was the Tempura Prawn. I could have eaten them all night long but that would have been quite an expensive evening!

Tempura prawn sushi at Matsuba
Tempura prawn sushi
Just as we finished the Tempura Prawn, the Gyu Tataki arrived. This is quickly seared on a high heat leaving the centre very rare. It gets its flavour from the ginger and the vinegar soy sauce.

Gyu Tataki at Matsuba
Gyu Tataki
Thankfully, due to the slow service, we were left again to digest the food before we ordered our mains. We actually had to call someone over to take the order otherwise we will still be sitting there.

We ordered the Gyu Teriyaki and Stonepot Bibimap. The Gyu Teriyaki was cooked wonderfully with just the right amount of Teriyaki sauce. Not too overpowering. The Stonepot Bibimap was plentiful in vegetables however, the meat aspect was lacking a bit.

Gyu Teriyaki
Gyu Teriyaki
Stonepot Bibimap
Stonepot Bibimap
It's not often we go for dessert but we decided to finish off with a raspberry and mango frission. Again, this took a long time to arrive which is strange as they are all pre-set and in moulds. How hard is it to put it on a plate and serve?

Raspberry and mango frission
Raspberry and mango frission
After a little over two hours in Matsuba, we paid and left. Although we love the food and the sushi is to die for, the service is a massive let down unless you are a table of more than two people. For that reason, a straight 10 turns into a 7.

Score: 7/10

10 Red Lion Street

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