Peak District day 2

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The focus of day 2 is a long walk into the Peak District countryside and, due to the navigation skills of my brother-in-law, the walk ended up longer than we anticipated not that any of us complained as we got to see more of the beautiful countryside and woodland.

Peak District countryside
One of the many stunning views
Peaks and troughs of the countryside
We found Longshaw Estate which is a country manor protected by the National Trust and offers refuge and a bit to eat for the weary. We stumbled on it a bit too late as they just stopped serving tea and scones.

Longshaw Estate protected by the National Trust
Longshaw Estate
One of the great aspects about our walk was the different aspects of the countryside. From farmland, hills, to woodland.

Picturesque view of a stream
High vantage point of the stream below surrounded by woodland
Streams make a picture
The walk did end up taking most of the afternoon and we did manage a quick trip to Bakewell were we got some tea and the famous Bakewell Tart before heading back to the tents for our final night. The British weather did its thing and it was a windy and rainy night but I like the sound of rain clapping against the canvas. 

If you're interested in long walks and stunning scenery, then this is the place for you. Just be sure to plan your route and not rely on Google Maps as coverage is intermittent. 

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