Take away gastro delights at London Night Market

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On a hot and sticky summer afternoon in London, we went to the Night Market which is part of London Food Month. Not having eaten for ages, we were more than enticed with the wonderful smells coming from the festival as we waited for friends so we could all go in together. Tickets were £7.50 each so we had hopes that this would offer free samples, goodies and demonstrations much like the BBC Food & Wine show. Sadly, this was not the case.

Two cooks over a very hot barbecue
To get in, we were put through security checks which is on a par as going through customs at major airports minus the x-ray scanner. It's reassuring to know that all efforts have been made to make the event safe in view of recent events in London. However, it was bizarre that they were not allowing cameras into the festival and it does not say anywhere on the tickets that they were prohibited but Mrs Mayochup somehow managed to walk in with hers.

The night market wasn't that big but it allowed us to visit all the stalls. We decided as a group that we would all try everything and split the cost as items on their own were quite expensive.

Wood pigeon with game chips
The wood pigeon with game chips was not much change out of £10 and is just a mere snack, The pigeon was well seasoned, tasty and the chips extremely fattening but moreish.

Charcoal truffle burger
Burgers ready to go
The burgers were odd and appealing due to its colour. The charcoal was too overpowering and the burger was dripping with fat.

Spicy Korean chicken with salad
The spicy Korean chicken with salad was nice and just perfect for a hot summers day although it wasn't that spicy at all. This one didn't last long.

Korean Bao buns
The Korean bao buns were amazing. This was the best find in the night market.

Duck with watermelon
And this was the most bizarre thing in the night market. There was a short queue for this one and we found out why, The duck had so much batter that there was hardly any duck and the watermelon just didn't go.

Umbrella decoration
Chinese dragon dancing round the night market
We settled down for some games and drinks for the evening and before we knew it it was 22:30. Time for dessert. We just about got something as the stewards started to close off the queues at 22:40 which is strange as the night market is advertised being open until 23:00.

Overall, if you are just a couple or on your own, then the £7.50 fee to get into the night market is unjustified as you don't get anything back for it and if you want food from the stalls then they are expensive and drink also. As we were in a group, we all shared food so we got to sample a lot of dishes and had a great time as well as splitting the cost.

Evening Standard Night Market
Perks Field
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  1. This looks like such a fun night out! I wish I had something like this closer to home.