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During our weekend away to the Peak District, we were told of a great gin bar by a local bakers shop in Ashbourne called The Artisan Cafe Bar. The bar/pub was a tucked away from the high street but as Ashbourne isn't that big, we found it easily. For those who are unfamiliar with England, Ashbourne is a village set in the middle of the Peak District surrounded by countryside and farmland. It is the perfect getaway for those who love long walks. The pace of life is a lot slower compared to the hustle and bustle of London.

Different gins
Different types of gins
The inside is laid out like a normal pub however, when approaching the bar, the focus on gin is realised. When you think of gin, you will immediately think of brands such as Gordons, Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray, Beefeater and maybe at a stretch think of Plymouth and Hendriks. The Artisan Cafe Bar stocked many many gins, 99% of them you have never heard of, but they do try and help you with their detailed gin menu. Do not hesitate to go to the bar and ask for what you want as they also have guest gins. Keep the questions relatively helpful by asking "What gins would you recommend that is heavy in juniper flavour" or "what fruity gins do you have". This will then channel the bar-person to be able to help you.

Tonics and mixers
Tonics and mixtures. One will serve two drinks!
Whilst we were making our minds up about what gins to order, we got some strawberries and cream to share. It was a special so may not be available all year round.

Strawberries and cream
Strawberries and cream
We ordered our gins and they are presented in a over-sized wine glass instead of a highball. Unfortunately, The Artisan Cafe Bar does not have a website so I cannot get access to their menu therefore I cannot tell you which ones they are. Perhaps an online presence will be coming soon?

Selection of gins
Selection of gins presented in wine glasses
As we haven't eaten all that much, we ordered nibbles and went for a charcuterie platter and four different types of scotch eggs. The food was delicious with the scotch eggs a highlight but one slight criticism is that when laid out on the boards, it was extremely difficult to tell apart one from the other.

Scotch eggs
Different types of scotch eggs
Charcuterie board
Different types of meats with rocket
Crusty bread and butter
Crusty bread and butter
The Artisan Cafe Bar is one of those places what you can stay for hours and rack up a huge bill in trying all the different gins but we were disciplined as we had friends to see that evening. Speaking of bills, the gins were reasonably priced ranging from £3.00 to £4.50 with an extra £1.50 for the mixer. The mixer will serve two drinks in most cases.

You should seek this place out if you are in Ashbourne as it is truly a *sort of* hidden gem. It's so homely welcoming and you just don't want to leave!

Score: 9/10

The Artisan Cafe Bar
33 St. John Street

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  1. apps and drinks my fav night out!

  2. I am not really thta into gin, but this sounds like a very cool experience :)

  3. We're not too far from the peak district and we've been thinking about taking a trip this year. Might have to stop by this place. Thanks for sharing!