British Summer Time Festival - Hyde Park

by - 19:05

Every year, Hyde Park puts on a festival for music lovers and after a few years of questionable line-ups, we booked for Saturday 8 July. Headlining were The Killers and Elbow and having seen Elbow before, we were excited to see them again. If rock bands aren't your thing, the week before was the pop variant headlined by the worst of the worst, Justin Beiber.

Elbow on stage
We got there by 2:30pm after visiting the extremely disappointing Korean Festival and found a spot to lay out the picnic blanket to settle down for the afternoon. We fully intended to bring a picnic but tickets stipulated no food or drink to be brought on the premises partly due to safety reasons and forcing people to purchase food and drink on site for over inflated prices.

The very expensive bar
Speaking of safety, getting in to Hyde Park was almost the same as airport security which is very reassuring. Needless to say, no incident happened.

Elbow were excellent and it was the highlight of the day. they kicked off with The Birds and Lippy Kids. The lead singer talks to the crowd and tries to engage 60,000 people which isn't easy but the way he speaks, it's like talking to your mate in the pub.

Our picnic blanket with beer holders
The final act was The Killers however, we left before that as we were hungry but we can't wait to see what next year's line up will be. Overall, it is a great day out.

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