The hand of god at L'oro Di Napoli

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The first thing you notice about L'oro Di Napoli is that the restaurant is small, only seating around 20 people, and the second is the shrine to Napoli football club and, in particular, Diego Maradona who is Argentinian. Coincidentally, Maradona is a name for one of their pizzas there. For us football fans out there, we all remember the 'hand of god' goal against England in the 1986 World Cup.

L'oro di Napoli A-board
L'oro Di Napoli A-Board
Shrine to Napoli and Maradona
The shrine to Napoli. Diego Maradona in particular
But let's put Maradona to one side and concentrate on L'oro Di Napoli which literally translates to The Gold of Naples. The pizzas are all hand made and they use the freshest of ingredients all cooked in a wood burning clay oven.

As the restaurant is so small, we can peer into the kitchen and it is almost open plan. We got a lovely insight in how are pizzas are made.

Making the pizza dough
Making the dough
Preparing the pizzas
Preparing the pizzas
For starters, we ordered the Tomato Bruschetta. Although this is simply made, the ingredients they used makes it stand out from your regular Italian restaurant chains and it was wonderful. The chopped tomatoes had plenty of flavour and it was well seasoned. And it wouldn't be Italian without the lashings of olive oil.

Tomato Bruschetta
Tomato Bruschetta
For the mains, the menu offered pizza and nothing but pizza. There was so many to choose from that it is a little overwhelming and they have mixed up white and red pizzas together under the same heading. White pizzas are those without the tomato sauce as a base. If they were to redesign their menu, it is suggested that they create these categories to make it easier.

We ordered one white pizza and one red and went for the Massimo Troisi and Caruso respectively.

Massimo Troisi pizza
Massimo Troisi
Caruso pizza
Massimo Troisi consisted of mozzarella, parma ham, rocket, cherry tomatoes,topped with parmesan and olive oil. As you can see, these pizzas are huge and we did not finish them nor did we get anywhere close. Thankfully, they allow you to take away the pizza and with L'oro Di Napoli offering a take-away service too, it was easy for them to accommodate.

The Caruso was a real meaty pizza which was tomato sauce based with mozzarella. The meats were spicy salame, sausages, ham, topped with parmesan, fresh basil and not forgetting the olive oil. Both these pizzas were beautifully flavoured due to the freshness of the ingredients and they are certainly generous with the toppings too! A good quality mozzarella makes or breaks a pizza and thankfully L'oro Di Napoli gets that right.

Olive oil condiment pot
More olive oil. Just in case you don't have enough!
The cost of the pizzas are very reasonable and remarkably cheaper than Domino's, Pappa Johns and Pizza Express. And much much better too. The most expensive pizza is £10.95 and cheapest is £5.50. If you are keen on having a filling lunch and not wanting to spend that much, one pizza is easily big enough to share for two.

We would definitely come back and we can't wait to try different pizzas next time.

Score: 9/10

L'oro Di Napoli
217 Uxbridge Road
W7 3TH

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