Stuff yourself stupid with crepes

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On our way to the Good Home Show at Olympia, we stopped off at Chiswick to Crepe Affaire and got some brunch.

The first thing that struck me was that minimal expense was spared in the decor. The flooring was just concrete, the same if you were to rip up your flooring or pull up the carpet. Still, I think it's the trendy "shabby chic" look they are going for.

The bar and prep area
All the staff donned t-shirts with "my name is..." and on further investigation it was due to the manager not ordering their name badges. Personally, I don't think name badges are necessary, the only other places you see them are self-help groups and primary school. If there was to be a complaint, it's extremely rare that you'll remember the persons name anyway.

We ordered the crepes and having had the crepes on the continent before, we expected something light and airy. How wrong were we?

Once they arrived, they were enormous! We knew straight away we could not finish them and so it proved. In the end, we got bored of eating them as they were all the same flavour. Crepe Affaire does have an orange presser were you can order freshly squeezed orange. Perfect.

All Day Breakfast crepe

Eggs Benedict 
If you do end up going here, please ensure you don't eat anything beforehand as the portion sizes are so huge. Crepe Affaire can afford to decrease their size and their customers won't be unhappy. Having said that, I wonder how much food is going to waste every day?

Score: 6/10

Crepe Affaire
382 Chiswick High Road
W4 5TF

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  1. Look delicious though! Will keep your advice in mind. Thanks :)