The problem with blogging

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Is other bloggers. We all know the ones. It's me, me, me, me, and me some more. Here's a rundown of what irks us.

Facebook groups

We used to be a part of these groups but the constant "must re-post or acknowledge at least 10 other posts" is time consuming and don't have time for this. Also, most of the posts are utterly irrelevant to what you are blogging plus there are the 'fun police' who come at you and snitch if you a) don't do their posts or b) feel you haven't done enough. So I don't post on these groups anymore. Plus the comments you receive in return are nonsensical and clearly other people have not read your post.

Blogging events

We went to one of these in London and it was full of fashion/beauty bloggers who were more interested in posing in-front of random bits of furniture than integrating with others. Furthermore, most actually had no clue about blogging and were listening attentively to a seminar in how to write a blog post. Most were taking notes about basic stuff such as labels, tagging, formatting and the like. We tried to talk to a few people but most were not interested apart from themselves and their next post. The me, me, me, me types. We left after an hour, bored and underwhelmed. We will never attend one of these again.


We largely have given up on this media due to the follow/unfollowers. You can spot the accounts that do this, the ones with 15k followers and only following 1k. This is the same with Twitter too.

So, in light of this, we are rarely seen on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook however, if we have commented on your post, re-tweeted or liked, we will have read it properly. If the Facebook group in question forces us to comment on eye-liner or something else unrelated, then we just aren't interested.

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  1. I agree with everything you wrote. I agree with the FB groups. And yes the problem is when sharing it has nothing to do w/ my business so it’s a little odd to share something that has nothing to do w/ my niche. So since I am a photographer and blog about photography sessions and photography topics like my latest, Things Brides Should Do The Week Of Their Wedding and then I am sharing top 10 facts about sharks...well it makes no sense. But I’m glad to help other people, I enjoy it. And in return my content is getting out there. I’ve never been to a blogging event but it I agree w/ what you said. There is too many that will follow for short period of time but then unfollow on Instagram/Twitter.

  2. I hate the whole follow unfollow strategy, it's so obvious at times.

  3. sometimes no idea, when i will write