Marvellous Marwell Zoo

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Situated on the edge of the South Downs national park is Marwell Zoo and is a lovely place to visit. Unlike most zoos where they try to cram in as many animals and enclosures within the space they have been allocated, Marwell is expansive with animal enclosures dotted here and there. This does mean a lot of walking however, there is a mini rail that links one end of the park to the other for those who are less inclined.

Marwell doesn't have the same variety of animals if you compare it to London Zoo; no elephants for example but the ones they do have are well worth visiting. The giraffes in particular are a highlight.

Took a while to get this shot
We also managed to get a photo of the leopard which was difficult to spot. Luckily it came right to the window.

Had to be quick to take this one
Right at the start, or at the end, of the zoo is the penguin enclosure. Marwell put on a public feeding spectacle three times per day on set time schedule and we managed to catch the last performance.

Penguin feeding time
Adults are £20 per person and children between 3-16 are £16 per person which I find a little steep. A 3yr old and a 16yr old are going to take very different things from the experience. I would feel a bit ripped off if I had to fork out £16 for a 3yr old but as Tamara is only 5 months, she was free. Just as well as she slept through most of it! As for her experience, she loved the trees and was not too fussed about the animals but perhaps that will change as she gets older.

Marwell Wildlife
Thompsons Lane
SO21 1JH

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  1. I love zoos! And that one looks like fun! And animals are also captured outside, that's good!

  2. The leopard is gorgeous! Fingers cross all the animals are being looked after in this heatwave.

    Francesca x |