Road trip day 4 - Glenlivet

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Day 4, 5 and 6 of the road trip is a stay in Glenlivet which is based in the north of Cairngorms National Park in Scotland and is about 3.5 hours drive from Edinburgh. Beware, the signal is not good so best to download the maps before you set off.

Welcome to Cairncorms National Park
The drive up is very scenic with little towns dotted around the place. We did stop a few times due to the baby and we found the people very welcoming, especially towards baby Tamara.

Our residence was courtesy of Airbnb and this place we found was fantastic. A two bedroom cottage based in the grounds of the hosts residence which can sleep up to 5. Comes with a fully equipped kitchen, a log fire, TV and a range of dvd's, plus all amenities you can think of. The best bit about it are the hosts. They will bend over backward to cater for your needs and will help you plan your trip with their local knowledge.

Whilst we were there, we went to the local Glenlivet distillery however, we couldn't go on the tour due to the little one but we sampled a few drams ranging from 12 year to 18 year plus. We also learnt that when a whiskey bottle says 12 years, it means the whiskey in there is at least 12 years old meaning it could be older.

Glenlivet whiskey factory and tour
You don't have to travel far from the Airbnb to see areas of outstanding beauty so these pictures below will help you understand.

The next day, we went across the country to the famous Glenfinnian Viaduct which is, apparently, part of the opening credits to the Harry Potter films. We met the owner of the land whilst he was out on one of his drone hunts (they are not permitted in his lands) and we had a good chat about the scene and Warner Bros studios. Only twice a day does a steam train go over so if you want "that shot" then best to check out the times.

Glenfinnian viaduct
For food, there's plenty of places to eat but some aren't very accommodating with the little one. As we were in an Airbnb with a fully fitted kitchen, we found a local butcher and bought a whole roll of haggis to enjoy. It's cheap and as it's from a butcher, it was full of flavour and extremely delicious. Well recommended should you wish to partake in their local delicacy.

We shall end the post with a picture of baby Tamara who clearly enjoyed her trip.

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