Road trip day 6 - York

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The trip down from Glenlivet to home was too much to do in one trip with a young baby so we chose York as the city to stay overnight in to break up the journey. York boasts some city walls and Roman ruins as well as great architecture. However, this was all ruined by Yorkshire people.

The overpriced cathedral
 Let me explain. We booked a table during our drive down for dinner at the Lysander Arms in York and we turned up 30 minutes late due to traffic and plus we had to stop periodically to feed little Tamara to keep her on the right side of the meltdown. Turns out last orders for the kitchen was at 20:30 and we arrived at 20:30. The duty manager at the time looked at his watch and pointedly told us it was 20:33 and we're late. So we were refused service and told to go elsewhere. Note, he also turned down a 6 month old baby who needed feeding too. So if you're ever in York, DO NOT go to the Lysander Arms.

Small but overcrowded streets
Still, we scrambled and managed to find somewhere else to eat but even then the service on the next place was not great. So safe to say that York was not off to a great start.

Well preserved Tudor buildings

Buildings in close proximity
The next day we went to the town to have a look around and it was jammed full of tourists but as it was August, it's to be expected. To our astonishment, they were charging about £12 per adult to go into the Cathedral, which isn't that big, whereas Chester cathedral was free. This kinda set the tone for all attractions in the city so needless to say we didn't enter any. There was even an enticing chocolate factory tour but even that was a small fortune to get in.

We stopped for tea & scones and again, the service was lacklustre and the people generally uninterested. We waited an age to pay to leave the shop.

Some ruins
We can say for certainty that we will never visit York again and this puts severe doubts in visiting anywhere else in Yorkshire.

So as said in the opening paragraph, York is a beautiful city ruined by Yorkshire people. 

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